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  • [03:50:12] arcesnow500: the region
    [03:50:21] arcesnow500: the ten suns region
    [03:50:23] ZeniniBoxMan: The microwave region
    [03:50:30] hduser: the bread region
    [03:50:31] arcesnow500: where you will melt in the blazing heat
    [03:50:34] arcesnow500: literally
    [03:50:39] arcesnow500: radioactivity anyone?
    [12:39:15] %2guhde4naughtylist: .pick closest to the pin from .r 265, longest drive, golf roll battle, the first thing, the first thing but 375, longest drive
    [12:00:48] arcesnow500: congratulations! you people exist w/o self-loathing
    [12:00:55] arcesnow500: wait why did i just say that
    [11:57:29] arcesnow500: arcebaum500 uses Explosion!
    [11:57:32] arcesnow500: But it failed!
    [11:57:45] arcesnow500: wait why did i just say that
    [11:26:44] @Magmar54❤♡: Btw, what do you hate?
    [11:28:56] arcesnow500: getting my finger pricked by something/one other than me
    [21:16:24] arcesnow500: hi
    [21:16:29] arcesnow500: you exist
    [21:16:34] arcesnow500: congratulations
    [21:16:35] Mew_beloved❤: Hi
    [21:16:47] Mew_beloved❤: i do
    [21:17:05] Mew_beloved❤: but ppl never realize im in Lobby ;_;
    part 2
    [21:17:45] arcesnow500: have you ever chatted in lobby?
    [21:17:52] Mew_beloved❤: Yeah
    [21:17:55] arcesnow500: ok
    [21:18:03] arcesnow500: wait have you chatted in idm
    [21:18:13] Mew_beloved❤: Yes?
    [21:18:23] arcesnow500: oh ok cool
    [22:34:17] arcebaum500☈☉: ubers is just better OUBL
    [22:34:29] %georgebowserjr1: Oubl is like
    [22:34:32] %georgebowserjr1: kyreum
    [22:34:36] arcebaum500☈☉: oubl is just
    [22:34:37] realaccountami?: cinderace
    [22:34:38] arcebaum500☈☉: ubers and ag
    [22:34:42] whatazachattack: /warn arcebaum500,stating facts
    part 2

    [22:34:42] %georgebowserjr1: cinderace, lugia, nagandel
    [22:34:49] arcebaum500☈☉: except ag is fucking broken lol
    [22:34:56] %georgebowserjr1: necrozma dawn
    [22:35:03] %georgebowserjr1: basically d tier ubers
    [22:35:05] %georgebowserjr1: is oubl
    [22:35:18] arcebaum500☈☉: i want that to be a thing
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